Vanauley Street

The YMCA Vanauley Street Youth Shelter.  Hilditch Architect
Winter/Spring 2014

Homeless youth and students from Sheridan College’s furniture program collaborated to develop designs for the common area furniture  of the new Vanauley Street Youth Shelter. The students fabricated over 30 pieces of furniture as part of their curriculum requirements . Skateboard building workshops took place over the summer of 2014 to further engage the youth and build skills.

Architect Peter Tan and furniture designer and maker Andrew Reesor  mentored the students through the design process.  Peter Fleming, head of the Sheridan furniture program,  guided the students through the fabrication of their work.


Lounge Seating_ Brendon, Vanessa, Neil, Chadd, Andreas


Couches, Chairs and Ottomans by Neil Botelho, Vanessa Jackson, Chadd Kam, Anreas Moreno and Brendon Taylor.

Side Tables by Katarina Ennamorato